The handle leaves the window leaf and it moves on the frame; the aesthetic of Vista® is more and more essential.


  • Locking system Open or Close
    Locking system
    All the window models of Vista® system use multipoint locking hardware; this ensures a complete and safe closure of sashes.
  • Angular movement Open or Close

    The special angular movement, especially designed for Vista®, allows the installation of hardware on the frame; in this manner the window leaves are freed from movable hardware components, thus frame sections decreases.

  • Sliding system Open or Close
    Commonly used in precision mechanics, the sliding system of Vista SL ensures in the same time to have smallest dimensions of rail and load capacity up to 900Kg; the stainless steel rails ensure a top level resistance aganist corrosion.
  • High load sliding system Open or Close
    High load sliding system
    Same height of rail and same resistance aganist corrosion of normal system, but load capacity improved up to 1500Kg.
The special technical solutions exclusively developed for Vista® let to join the modern window performances with frame sections never seen till now.


Because when you reach the minimum the wood alone is not enough fiberglass and carbon to give a greater mechanical strength without creating thermal bridges and condensation..